Osasioo: A Diverse Approach (Artist Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

If there's ever one thing i can appreciate from musicians, and honestly just people as a whole, it's diversity. Not a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of diversity, but one where several skills are cultivated and molded into something great.

While I listen to Osasioo's latest project Lovetales & Pancakes, I hear a great level of variation and exposure in his style. I may add, none of this feels forced either If you listen to songs like "Love You Right", you get a romantic, and lyrically in-depth version of Osasioo. The orchestral strings are emotive, and work hand-in hand with the subtle keys played throughout. The sound is lively, and almost feels like you're put in the middle of a concert hall for this performance. 

On the other end of the compositional spectrum, a record like "Easy" begins in a similar manner, but quickly turns into a pop joint. "Easy" moves with a steady pace forward, and keeps you engaged. You may even feel a bit inclined to dance when this comes on. 

Osasioo expresses in several fashions on Lovetales & Pancakes.

Check out Osasioo's Latest 4-song Project Below:

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