Oshua- Midnight Lows (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Here at SwanoDown, we praise good music.

Is it selfish of me to hope that someone stays as sad as they are based on the music they make?

Oshua did a great job of utilizing Cloud Hip-hop/R&B. What I like about this song are  the lyrics and delivery matching the articulation of the acoustics that you hear here initially. The Midnight Lows are those times of bad thoughts bringing you down. Where you could use a friend, the night leaves no one around to help you cope with the stress. Relatability: Immediately, I have a backdrop in my head prior to hearing
Midnight Lows. I like Oshua’s music, as a sad boy. It’s not too descriptive- the delivery makes it almost exciting to be sad in the middle of the night. 

The songwriting was cutting-edge and relatable to that of a young adult. Some of my favorite artists are those who blend into the instrumentation. But- nothing sounds more authentic than realism. You get Oshua for who he is in Midnight Lows. Regardless the mood, the production, mixing, and mastering of this track was a defining atmosphere. In combination with the fire in this young man, I see a lot of potential for Oshua in a cloud hip-hop genre. If you want to get the full Oshua effect, you have to listen to Waste My Time and Decipher Me. But first listen to Midnight Lows on, Spotify now! 


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