O'tea- G.Y.S.T (Give You Something) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones 

What you hear is no different from what you feel. What’s changes is the part used to perceive.

G.Y.S.T comes with the remedy for whatever you need. 

G.Y.S.T stands for G.ive Y.ou .S.ome. T.hing. I like this title, it reminds me of more Carribean dialect. Having relatives from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, I hear my elders say “Some ting” instead of “Something” all the time, the vibe from dropping one letter makes a huge difference. 

O’tea- a Nigerian native, creates a pavilion of worldwide sounds to shelter the ears as we listen to his soothing voice. 

The song rests at a baby-making tempo, within good reason. O’tea’s motive for this song was clear from the start. He’s trying to give something- doesn't have to be tangible or expensive- just something real. 

My favorite part of this song is the reverb. Certain words resonate longer than others, when they do, they have a drowning effect to the ear that can make you feel like you are hearing everything being suppressed. This grabs my attention due in part to the clarity of the hook brought out further when there is a counterpart like this. This music hits like sex for ears. This music is rich as the culture it comes from. Most importantly, this music is something you can feel. 

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