Our Favorite Tracks ep1

Maejis Mind- Dizzy

We did a bit of a dance when this joint first came on. The drum pattern can get you moving, and if you want to get caught up in the waves of psychedelic sound, throw on some headphones and close your eyes.

itcallsme i- Ghost

This airy, and almost eerie track grasps your attention in some of the most chilling ways. [i]tcallsme i gives an acapella performance that stays with you the rest of the day. The title “Ghost” is quite fitting, to say the least.

Scrimshire- Morning Affirmation

It’s summer and you’ve woken up in your house in the middle of a wheat field. You're drinking coffee and enjoying Scrimshire’s eclectic mix of dusty percussion and wet strings. The synth presented here adds a new element to this song, making it even more vibrant. It’s like an alien visiting Earth and sharing new knowledge.

Fleur Seule- Te Quiero Boricuas

This high energy track brings you a late July night in Puerto Rico. You’ve been drinking margaritas all night and you’re salsa dancing with your significant other. The horns and percussion make this worthy of an intro title sequence in a summer blockbuster, setting the scene to an action movie.

Alex RV Phillips- Chalk Upon The Pavement

I know Luke just alluded to the above record being in the title sequence of a summer blockbuster, but this joint could be playing at the end of a comedic or even dramatic romance. This piece can make you think about your lover, or even ponder the relationship you’ve once had.


Joy and innocence. Those are the first feelings experienced while partaking in the listening of “Kapuzzi”. Think of a time from your childhood that makes you smile at just the thought. Now, turn this piece on while having that moment— You’re welcome.

Patrick Majik- Calling

Every aspect of this record from the intricate vocal rhythms to the catchy hook, allows for Majik’s voice to glide easily over the sultry instrumentation. Turn this on during your next date night, and let us know where the vibes go.

Remek Kossacz- Family Holiday

If you’re looking for a smooth track to ride down the highway with your shades on bopping your head to, tap your foot to, or groove to in the living room, look no further. Remek Kossacz’s Family Holiday makes you want to pelvic thrust and look as cool as possible as the strings tell their story of an escapade.

Softie- Can I Be You

It’s winter and you’re bored, tired, and heartbroken. You wish you were on vacation but you’ve got a broken cigarette in your mouth and a dirty room. This song captures that indifferent feeling we all reach at some point. With the building guitar but steady percussion, this story talks to us about how our body can be in one place and our mind in another.

16% SUMO- Dream

As our heads nod, we can’t help but run through a couple rounds of freestyling over SUMO’s smooth production style. Imagine if the rain started floating back towards the sky and the clouds drifted from the direction whence they came. This beautiful instrumental would be the soundtrack as the world watched in awe.

ORZC- Escape

We couldn’t help but be captured in the world ORZC’s piano pulls us into. It’s scarcity of lyrics allows this track to have great dramatism that allows you to create your own backstory as to what is being vocalized.

Nobody’s Face x Torky Tork

Have you ever been with your friends and made a song concept strictly from vocals and tapping on objects? If so, this song can resonate with you. With minimal sounds, this track creates a real VIBE, allowing you to relax your mind and your muscles. Sit back and zone out!

Filolari- Innocents Eleven

A track like this has so many levels to it. It starts so brittle and distant, telling the story of a character that has failed. They felt themselves unredeemable but as their story continues, they pushed through and surpassed their obstacles and triumphed.

Emily Sage- Lumiére

If you ever plan to do yoga at an oasis in a cavern, feel free to have this track as your anchor. With its piano key strikes hitting like a pebble gently causing ripples in the instrumental, this track gives the listener an underwater ballet with glittering stones at the bottom of the body of water.

Tommy Stoner x Ghee Boe- Stuffed

Well damn. This record has everything you need to vibe out and get the house party off on the right foot. This bassline is funky while the vocals create a sultry and confident soundscape. Dim the lights, grab your partner and whisper in their ear. Yeah, it’s that type of vibe.

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