Our Favorite Tracks ep3

DDG x Gunna- Elon Musk

When I first heard this record, I felt this would become a fan favorite. The abundantly confident deliveries of DDG & Gunna, merged with a melodically gorgeous guitar makes for a vibey and enjoyable listening experience.
–Imani Wj Wright

Pray.- Executed

I’m a big fan of people proving others wrong. Pray. spits his testament to hardship and achievement, outlining the things he never had and all the things he seeks to achieve. With a thoroughly polished flow, Pray. is sure to get everything he asked for.
–Lukey Lenz

Chulo ft Moneybagg Yo & Latto- I’m Sorry

Life is hard, but one thing is for certain. If you stop getting money, there will be even more challenges. Chulo apologies to all those haters that are lacking in that area as he has no plans of stopping his stacking of currency. Moneybagg and Latto come in with some major co-signs furthering how important a skill of getting money is!
–Lukey Lenz

Jakk Denny- Ain’t Home

Punchmaster, Jakk Denny hits us with a very vocal and instrumental heavy track. On this, there is no dead space as it consistently brings a highly energetic sound. Denny’s flow is hypnotic, distracting you for the full two minutes and forty five seconds. Get hype for this one.
–Lukey Lenz

MakaVelly- In My Bag

I remember one of my first trips to Florida. It felt like a movie— windows down in the uber, a drink on the beach and obviously beautiful women. This cool mix of experiences made me realize how in my bag I really was. MakaVelly was also in his bag for this track, really letting loose and letting the people know he’s nothing to play with. This is a vibe for that warm weather.
–Lukey Lenz

Peso The Misfit- Things U Don’t Mean

From Peso’s vocal timbre, to the minimalistic yet emotive style of the production, “Things U Don’t Mean” displays an atmosphere that is reminiscent of something you’d hear from 6lack. Misfit exhibits his heartfelt songwriting abilities, and seemingly frictionless aptitude to blend within his instrumentation.
–Imani Wj Wright

DopeManDaye- Sallie Mae “Freestyle”

Life is about risk, especially when you grow up in less than optimal conditions. Generations of youths try to find their niche and get rich from showcasing their talent. Many kids think college is the way and for many it may be. In DopeManDaye’s case, he has tried multiple ways to get those commas and much of it came with risks. Anything worth doing isn’t easy but it’s easy for you to check out the young artist’s narrative of making it past his struggle.
–Lukey Lenz

A.D.H.D- Narcotic

With one of the most electrifying hooks I’ve heard in weeks, A.D.H.D. comes through with an aching melody that almost strikes like a rock song. In this track, he talks about another person trying to either empathize with him or feed off his grief, making it crystal clear this is not something he’s willing to openly relinquish.
Lukey Lenz

Pandorá- Less Is More

I’ve always had an admiration for songs that could fit in several aspects of life. While entering the soundscape of “Less is More,” by Pandorá, I envisioned myself in varying scenarios being accompanied by the song. This is the type of piece one can play while laying in bed having subdued thoughts, or riding down the road with their lover singing this to the top of their lungs. It has the characteristics to help many create memorable moments.
-Imani Wj Wright

Kong 1840- Sabbath on Saturday

The east coast is a bit chilly right now but listening to tracks like “Sabbath on Saturday” by Kong 1840 makes me excited for the summer. With a very pleasing rhythmic bounce and slick lyricism, this track makes for the perfect sound to find a dancing partner.
-Lukey Lenz

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