Our Favorite Tracks ep6

CerVon Campbell- cliché

How Lukey Lenz would describe this track: Vulnerable
CerVon opens up a lot in this track as he compares his falling for someone to a simple cliché. He wants to be literally everything that makes them feel good.
Lukey Lenz

Advika- Come Back to Earth

How Lukey Lenz would describe this track: Empyrean 
Synth, pace, harmony… All of these elements make this song what it is. It feels like a track that would play in the part of a movie where all the characters are torn but must reunite in order to finish the job.
-Lukey Lenz

deliBass- Daydreamers

How Lukey Lenz would describe this track: Ripple
One of those classic tracks that are playing at the niche restaurants sonically sending a soothing signal.
-Lukey Lenz

Taylor Hayward- Bedroom Stories

How IWjW would describe this composition: Scaling
As this piece plays, I am taken back to my teenaged years, training classical piano at Peabody Institute. Oh how I can smell the hallways, and feel the path to perfection.

DFG June-Topic- B.A.B

How IWjW would describe this composition: Reminiscent
Maybe I speak talk directly to the musicality of this song, but in all honesty, I'm shocked but how much this record put me right back in my dorm room during the Soundcloud era. We didn't care much about a perfect sounding mix, or a song with 1,000 A-list features. We wanted something raw, we wanted some passion that couldn't be mistaken for anything else but genuine. We get that here.

Uto Paradise- Surprise Enterprise

How IWjW would describe this composition: Captivated
This is a piece that came on several times as I was listening to new records sent to SwanoDown. Every damn time this came on, I stopped in my tracks and listened to it all the way through.This instrumental is FUN and has sounds you don't necessarily hear every day.

lamar6ony (feat. Jakester)- PERCAHOLIXXX

How Lukey Lenz would describe this track: Sparkling
I love raw sounding rap. Just a beat and a flow that expresses the feeling of nothing but energy. This song reminds me of having sparklers and poppers on July 4, only with a turnt soundtrack to pair

Paul Moody- Pop Star

How IWjW would describe this track: Hopeful
This piece is so easy on the ears. If you're to look at Moody's face, I don't know if the voice he has is the voice you'd expect. His southern-twang is absolutely masterful on this acoustic, lyrically driven piece. Let them streams roll in...

Bergi- When it rains I see
How IWjW would describe this composition: What I needed 
It's honestly been one of those weeks where I just needed to clear my mind and give myself some time to think, and dare I say- relax. I can imagine the ultimate bliss life has brought me in the past, and the memorable moments life will bring in the near future.

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