Paige Warner- People Pleasin' (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

The musicianship and professionalism of Paige Warner is on full display here. 

Immediately from the opening moments, your ears are exposed to beautifully strummed Acoustic guitar. It draws you in as a listener, and prepares you for Paige Warner's vocals.

When Paige enters the track, her voice brings a level of tranquility and authenticity that permeates effortlessly through our speakers. Her tone makes it easy to hear her message of self worth, self care, and understanding oneself. "This people pleasin' got me stressed out. Why the hell am I always stressed out?" She sings. 

The songwriting here is immensely heartfelt, and fits like a glove, conjoined with the instrumentation. This piece gave me the inspiration to view myself a bit deeper today. I analyzed the way I've been going about my weeks- focusing on how they can improve in an even more emotionally and productive manner. 

Relax, and take a listen to Ms. Warner:

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