Peekaboo: An Enhanced Experience for Online Creators

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Think about it for a second. If I were to ask you to list some of the most popular and/or influential people in your country, who would come to mind? It’d be safe to say some of the names you mention will be of those within entertainment. Whether they be a musician, content creator, or athlete– they all have the ability to not only grasp our attention, but inspire and motivate us. However, with this dynamic, there’s still one thing that keeps these folk aligned with their work and fed. That’s right, you guessed it– money. 

It’s not uncommon to see athletes leave their favorite teams to find a better contract in free agency, or hear artists complaining about bad record deals they’ve received with very little royalties. That’s the nasty business side of entertainment, and content creation sites like Onlyfans are no exception, taking a 20% cut from their creators’ earnings. 

But, what if I told you there was a site that looks to fix these issues, and cut that 20% in half? Would you believe me? What if I told you the site also rates users based on their hardcore earnings and not potential internet “trolls,” would you think I’m crazy? Well, Peekaboo, a site founded by David Goelz looks to achieve the aforementioned, and simultaneously enhance the space of content creation, especially in the adult entertainment world where sites like AVN Stars are beginning to demonetize their content.

Peekaboo allows their creators to take home 90% of their earnings, and advertise on their page at no additional charge.

“I think the effect of having the Commission fees halved will instantly, directly and positively increase the drive and motivation of a creator. This payment model will allow for a more livable income to be obtained from SW work furthering the legitimization of the Industry,” Said Goelz.

“Also, the lower fees will help new creators establish themselves and invest in their own work. The payment model can even encourage people who are interested in being a creator, we’ll make that first step,” The Peekaboo President added.

Goelz understands that the environment in which he’s sculpting is a two-way street, and as great as the experience can be for creators, that feat is obsolete without viewers enjoying their time on the site as well. Peekaboo has developed a search engine that eases the task of trying to find creators and content that you wish to seek. The site also uses darker tones to keep the light from mobile devices being too bright. If that wasn’t enough, Peekaboo also provides an advanced messaging system between viewers and creators, with no additional fees.

“I think the ecosystem between the creators and viewers will change to a more equitable experience for both sides. By the creators having more of their profits they are also enabled to make better content at better prices. When viewers have better content, they feel like they are getting a better deal,” Goelz explained.

“I hear from some of my friends that are creators, that the current Commission fees on other sites (20%) forces them to increase their own prices, or worse, forces them to "Go Off Site." Which then puts them in increased danger of unwanted behavior vs staying on site and having built in protections. I think this ecosystem will evolve the SW industry as a whole in that this is a normal thing for everyone involved. More equitable prices and better content will bring a more stable and professional feel to the Industry,” Goelz stated.

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