Peekaboo: Revolutionizing the Content Creator Experience (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

If you've read one of our latest pieces regarding the adult content site, Peekaboo you'd know they are in an atmosphere of their own. Founder, David Goelz puts the best interest of their creators and audience before that of the company's. Peekaboo splits revenue with their creators 90%-10% (in favor of the creators), and keeps the website discreet as well as interactive for their audience. 

Now, if you think all of that sounds good and favorable. There’s even more. Peekaboo now offers something vital for their creators- Full Healthcare & retirement Services.

We plan to offer Medical, Dental, Vision, and life insurance to our content creators. No other site in our industry is doing this, and we also are offering Retirement services that allow for our creators to exclude up to 57K from their incomes to reduce their taxable income now,” Said Goelz.

People should be encouraged to go to our site (link below) and sign up for more details. We are looking to create the larget insurance purchasing groups ever to get better rates on health care! United States citizens only," Goelz added.


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