Peekaboo’s Launch Offers More Stable, Equitable Solution To Content Sharing [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

Just-launched subscription platform gives creators highest payout in industry and viewers a more enjoyable, easy-to-use platform.

CHICAGO, Dec. 20, 2021 – New content monetization platform Peekaboo is the solution for online creators who are tired of demonetization, tired of trolls and tired of having their earnings cut by high fees. This newly launched site and mobile app allows creators to make money safely, offers a 90% payout and improves the user experience for both creators and viewers. If you’re seeking a better, more stable experience than what OnlyFans and similar online social sites can offer, Peekaboo is the solution.

Peekaboo offers creators a more equitable partnership, allowing them better strategic business practices not offered by other platforms. Offering the top payout in the industry at 90%, Peekaboo creators keep more of their money—plus, there’s no additional charge for creators to add advertisements to their profiles and no additional credit card fees. Peekaboo creators can advertise or “decorate” their profile pages to stand out from the crowd and bring in additional income. With an industry-leading search and browsing capability, it’s easy for more people to find your page. You know your own work best, so you have the power to set your own tags for users who are browsing the site to find you and your content. And say goodbye to trolls—Peekaboo has no rating or comment system from viewers. Instead, your rating is based on sales, meaning your work is at the forefront, not the opinions of nefarious users or disgruntled customers. For creators offering live feeds, pictures and video content, switching to Peekaboo is the clear solution.  

Content consumers will enjoy a better experience on Peekaboo, too. The more user-friendly site employs darker tones to keep the light from mobile devices from being too bright. Viewers can search by category or keyword—a feature currently not available on other fan sites—with plans to add “favorites” and a trending system. This means fresh, new content in viewers’ favorite areas is always easy to find, and they’ll never lose track of their go-to creators, either. The advanced messaging system allows viewers and creators to easily communicate (without costing anything for either side) with a built-in tipping function. Profile badges let users stand out from their peers and allow creators to see viewers’ time on site and spending habits.

“Digital platforms have helped normalize content and make this type of work safer, but recently have brought more headaches and problems than solutions,” says David Goelz, Peekaboo President. “That’s why I created Peekaboo—the platform allows creators to have a more equitable partnership in their business. As an MBA graduate centered in finance, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and 10 years in the field, it’s my goal to help creators achieve better strategic business practices. Peekaboo is the answer for creators and viewers frustrated with the current offerings available now.”

AVN Stars just announced its creators will no longer be able to monetize their content on the platform beginning Jan. 1, 2022, joining the ranks of other digital content sites that are banning explicit content or removing the option for creators to be paid for their work. It’s the perfect time for creators to join Peekaboo, a platform created to be safer, more effective and more user-friendly than today’s current options.

Ready to try Peekaboo? Viewers can visit now and sign up to start viewing content. Content creators have the chance to win weekly raffles of between $250 to $1,000 for uploading pics and videos. For creators, the first month is free, with a 90% take-home after that.

Peekaboo on Instagram or Twitter and like the page on Facebook to learn about the weekly Visa gift card raffles for creators and new site updates.


Peekaboo is a subscription social platform and fan site offering safer, more equitable creator-fan connections. For s only, Peekaboo makes it easy and effective for content creators to display and monetize their content the way they want—with space to advertise, decorate, and add tags to make them easily discoverable by new audiences. With the top payout rate in the industry at 90%, a more user-friendly interface that makes the experience better for viewers, and features like messaging with tipping that audiences love, Peekaboo is the premium fan site welcoming all content creators and audiences.

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