Phillip Hamilton ft. Jude the Obscure-

Written by Miles Monroe II

From the opening of the song, buckle up and get ready for this instrumental explosion- for your listening pleasure.

Play Your Hand by Phillip Hamilton featuring Jude the Obscure, continues the trend of inspirational rap that helps people get through rough patches in life. For a beat this up-tempo and bright, these lyrics are a welcomed addition and add context to the color of the track. We aren’t dealt with the silver spoon card or any card that grants us easy access to the fame and fortune we see everyday. There is a grind that has to be put into our craft for us to get what we want out of life. I think the two musicians understood that and relay that message throughout the track.

Their love of music is what keeps them inspired to create content that is good for the soul. Anything good for the soul is tremendously needed in the world. Music that inspires comes in different packaging. Play Your Hand puts its own stamp on music with a piece of motivational content that is built to last. It is time to cut people out of your life who don’t devalue your value. It’s time to make certain moves that others don’t think is possible. I love the messaging and I am a fan of good quality music such as Play Your Hand.

Take a Listen:

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