Poccex Brings a New Sound to PDX w/ “Numbers” [Report]

Reported by Imani Wj Wright  

I’m under the impression that human beings are psychologically wired to begin seeing even the most extraordinary feats in a laissez-faire manner as time goes on. How often does a New Yorker walk past the Empire State Building without looking up? How often does a gourmet chef see his famous dish made in the kitchen and doesn’t blink an eye? One product of the aforementioned may be “boredom,” but this also stirs the yearning need to be innovative and motivated. Always wanting more brings us to new heights as we continually evolve. 

Artist, Poccex looks to bring a changed and innovative sound to the music industry, and if you listen to his record “NUMBERS,” he’s agilely making that move forward. As a music journalist, I realistically listen to 300-500 new songs a week, and within that, there are of course varying genres, styles, and deliveries. With certainty, I can state I haven't come across an artist with the distinct and subtly fearless delivery that Poccex possesses on “NUMBERS”. Producer, YUNG DZA sets the instrumental landscape with a hard hitting percussive and melodically easing piece of production. With the soundscape establishing an already “cool” vibe, Poccex takes it to a whole other level with his performance. Throughout the piece, he relays a confident and steady vocal delivery that blends seamlessly with the production. The engineering also has an evident intent, adding to the vocals’ noticeably reposeful stance. 

We look forward to watching Poccex’s growth and progression as an artist. 

Check out NUMBERS below:

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