Pramuk- Pedal On (Seguí Adelante) [Track Review]

Written by Miles Monroe II 

A touching piece that sounds like a dedication to a close relative. You might need a box of Kleenex after listening. 

Pramuk delivers a new song entitled, Pedal On (Seguí Adelante).

From the cover, to the opening guitar strings, this seems like one of the most important songs Pramuk has created. He put his heart and soul into this one. The audience can always feel the emotions through an artist’s vocal performance, especially on a slow winding song such as this one is. 

Pramuk reminisces about certain lessons he was taught and how much of a constant anchor his loved one was for him. These memories that he shares with us are immense and very relatable to those who have family members/figures who go above and beyond. It’s a blessing to have one, I’m glad to say I have at least three. This also sounds like a send off, like a balloon release for a fallen angel. The memories that were made are going to be embedded in our memory banks because nobody can take those away.

Pedal On,  will take you on an emotional carousel, reflecting on certain people in your life that mean the most to you. I encourage everyone to take a listen:

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