Preethevibes- Like Flies (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II

Preethevibes brings the kind of energy that’s magnetic, it rubs off on you, especially on his new single, Like Flies.

This new dancehall single is a vibe and isn’t something manufactured by an artist disconnected with that culture. It’s a song that is purely rooted within the Dancehall genre. As far as lyrics are concerned, they are socially aware of the brutality that has been a topic of concern for quite a while. Instead of being serious in tone, they decide to use an infectious beat to promote the message. That’s such a tactical move– “serious” music does get overlooked at times.

The instrumentation is groovy and has a certain bounce to it that makes it club friendly. It’s equivalent to Lil Baby’s The Bigger Picture. They basically put the medicine in the candy with this song. I think people will gravitate to it, especially those in the Dancehall community. The amount of people that have been killed due to police violence and even community violence is incredibly high. With me being from Philly, I can tell you that it’s sickening to hear about the number of homicides in one day. This may be an ongoing topic in America, but it's still a subject that can be talked about from another perspective.

Kudos to Preethevibes for making such a dope song with a look at the harsh reality of social injustice. 

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