Q the Music- Lust & Pain (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

One of the beauties of living as a human being is having the opportunity and decision to be fluid. There aren't too many things that are "set in stone." This notion is even more true when it comes to our emotions. At any given moment, we can feel elated, depressed, even hopeful... And there are moments where several feelings can encompass us all at once. On Q the Music's single, Lust & Pain, the latter holds true. 

Over some emo-inspired melodies and trap-drums, Q the Music shows a significant level of  confidence, and vulnerability. It’s undeniably raw.  At times, the vulnerability can be a bit jarring and seemingly invasive. How so? For the duration of the piece, there is a woman speaking to him over a phone call, and really letting him have it. It’d be an understatement to say she’s not his biggest fan during these calls. The song cuts to this female berating Q the Music , straightforwardly calling him an “asshole” and a “piece of shit.”

You can only imagine the type of turmoil that Q the Music may have put this woman through as he sings that the woman he deals with all seems the same to him. She is/was probably not the only woman to feel this way. In regards to the feeling he was trying to convey with this piece, Q the Music stated: “[I intended to extract] raw uncertainty, hurt and infatuation.” 

“I normally write about my life for myself, but I slightly alter the music so people can understand the issues or concepts of the song.” He also asserted. 

Take a Listen to Lust & Pain:

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