Quotes for Your Notes: Fiahbaldie Edition

Quotes For Your Notes takes some of the most relevant and impactful statements from a selection of highly gifted creatives. 

Todays Edition: Fiahbaldie

"Creativity allows me to view and find solutions more openly. I become comfortable enough to speak my mind regarding what I believe in and what I am knowledgeable of."

"I take as 
much time needed studying my craft to get it done and actually be satisfied with my results. I believe in being a better version of myself every second I spend doing what I love and enjoy in my daily life."

"I find it very interesting with how balanced I am...
It feels like a roller coaster ride but I'm not tired enough to get off the ride. 
It’s fun and the excitement behind every discovery I come across makes me hungry for more."

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  • E.Benzo

    “Being a better version of myself every second” Absolutely inspiring! And Loving the dress!

  • Chirwood T.


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