RADICALS- Call (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Cause That’s The Way It Goes

The Radicals sure know how to start a mosh pit and create a beer chugging contest. Their latest song, Call, is a great mixture of recitable lyrics and great instrumentation for our listening pleasure. Based on the video alone, these guys are all about having a good time no matter who you are. This is a good attribute to have and to master for artists- in any genre.

Call is reminiscent of 90s rock, a nostalgic sound that can be placed in any era and still be relevant. The opening drums creates a rush for the audience as if a heart was beating out of someone’s chest. You will definitely want to turn the volume up on this song in your car, at the house or any party with the same speakers that Marty Mcfly used in Back to The Future.

Brandon, Myles and Nick have found a sound that is warm to the ear and still hardcore at the same time. Their lyrics such as, “So I waited by the phone'', can resonate with an entire audience. We’ve all waited for a certain someone to call back, but that call never comes.

Radicals have constructed a song for us to get through this intolerable pain with some feel good music.

The Radicals - Call (YouTube) https://youtu.be/vsSpg8015Ls

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