Raldi- Watsamatta (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

There's a lot that goes on in the world. Life is a gift and can be very rewarding. But- with greed, envy, and war, life can be stressful. 

"Watsamatta" by Raldi, reminds me of that moment when a friend asks you "what’s wrong?" and you try to act like everything is cool. Raldi refers to it as ‘playing the fence’ which is similar to being fake. Raldi holds nothing back on this track as he paints a vivid picture of his surroundings suffocating him, due to police brutality, drugs, and famine. 

What I like about Raldi as an artist is his ability to  be cool while speaking on topics that may be emotional for some. People dying over the U.S. dollar are all too common for Raldi, which nullifies his reaction towards something so detrimental. The type of instrumentals he raps on are wavy as hell, literally. There is an eerie sense in this song that gives me hardcore conscious vibes. 

As a rapper, I would like for him to stay true to himself. I love this guy’s music- especially his new album, which is also titled: Watsamatta.

I hear a splash of mainstream music in his style- which is a dope feature. Raldi is a great rapper and will most likely be a well-known artist regardless, his sound is so authentic.

Check out some of my favorites from him, like, Wishes and Benny Frank

Conscious rap has never sounded so genuine: 


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