Ramir- A Letter to Her (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

I’m not gonna lie, this song right here is a vibe and a mood setter for the one that got away. Ramir recently released his 3 song EP entitled Love, Ramir and the single from the project is called A Letter to Her.

The track deals with the interactions between ex lovers from the male perspective and hoping for reconciliation. People evolve over time and that could be what brings an ex couple together. Time away can put many things into perspective for one another. The question we have to ask ourselves though is, 

Do you want that old thing back?

Ramir doesn’t disappoint on A Letter to Her, as he harmonizes eloquently about letting the past be the past. Convincing a woman to recommit after a hasty fallout is ballsy. One thing about women (from my experience), they never forget anything. That can be a good and a bad thing depending on what led to the breakup. From an instrumental perspective, the strings play a major part in setting the tone and creating a sultry vibe for the ladies. Overall, this was a solid song by Ramir with excellent production and a flow that was as smooth as silk. I recommend checking him out along with his new EP: 


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