Ramona + The Riot - Hey sister! (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

It’s a great day for me today! Listening to Hey Sister! while working with my closest friends here at SwanoDown made it easy to visualize Ramona and The Riot’s Leitmotif. The purposeful track titled Hey Sister! is about unity amongst marginalized social groups, in particular women and women of colour. What stood out to me was the uplifting route they took. She takes a minute to empathize by saying, ''It's okay to not be okay, it’s okay to be low!” The song is a voice of advocacy for equal rights that takes a less aggressive route.

Instead of a more rebellious style of music, the track directly connects to other women and only speaks words of optimism and unity. Ramona’s raw passion has been carried on amongst thousands of other artists who are passionate about this same topic. Ramona + The Riot create a contrast within music like this. It is not often enough that women have the center stage and everyone just listens. Hearing the lyrics “You’ve been through the fire, yeah you had it rough…. Hey sister I got you, I got you, I won’t leave you alone.” Encapsulating  what it means to stand together are Ramona and The Riot. Check out
Hey Sister! Out now!

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