Redd is An Ember (Artist Review)

Written by Tyler Akles

Redd Is An Ember is a highly entertaining voice that you should soon tune into. If you’re looking for energy, he’s got it. If you’re looking for solid lyrics, he’s got it. If you’re looking for tight and varied flows, you guessed it.. he’s got it. Redd Is An Ember is an artist that gives us exactly what you’d want to hear with an undeniable confidence and presence on every track he’s released.

Fairly recently, Redd released a body of work, and it’s quite the enjoyable listening experience. A Closer Look is an EP packed with hard-hitting content and an extremely powerful voice leading the way. On every track, Redd consistently shows a high level of personality and an expert level of delivery control. 

On my favorite track on this EP, “Fetti,” Redd truly shows that he knows exactly what he’s doing and wears a high level of confidence here. Fetti contains a spacious instrumental with a beautiful choir in the background and very strong percussion. The abrasive nature of the lyrics combined with the instrumental makes for a truly unique track. In terms of branding, you get everything you would expect from this project. The cover art matches the aesthetic of these tracks and communicates the project extremely well. 

Redd’s extreme levels of energy on every single track that he is a part of makes for a very exciting listen, and the potential for there to be some very wild live shows. We’re thrilled to see what else is in store.

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