Renée Loren- Baby Blue (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Pain from an unrequited love hurts like stubbing your toe on the corner of your dresser. It’s tough to deal with for a while, until you let it all out, whether it’s through a friend or your diary. For Renée Loren, she was able to craft a song that can be relatable and healing for females with the same situation. Baby Blue, the latest single from Renée, was such a sweet exit from that relationship. She explains her point of view, noticing every move that caused the relationship to fail. This song gave me Mary J./Queen Naija vibes based on the content, since she was pulling refrences from her past.

This type of inspiration tends to make the best pieces, and Baby Blue is no different. Renée breaks it down without even shaming whoever this person could be. Even guys go through these types of feelings, putting their partner above everything else and going out of the way to prove their love. For women, it’s much worse. It could drag on longer than it should have. I feel bad for whoever this guy was. Renée came out a stronger person from her past and proves it on Baby Blue. 

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