IamBolo (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Some days we wake up and simply don't feel like taking that first step out of bed, or better yet, don't even feel like waking up. It's a phenomenon that I'm sure many of not all of us have experienced in our lives. And you know what? We may try to tell ourselves things to get us moving, or maybe never turn off the alarm in hopes to stimulate our minds. However, it still may not be enough.

Let me be very straightforward when I say this, the moment this track came on, it instantly added a jolt of energy to my day! Artist, IamBolo gives a fearless, in your face performance on his single "Turn Me Up.”

Being in my profession, I listen to a ton of artists on a daily basis, in the span of a week, I may listen to 300-450 artists, most of them being fledgling artists. I’ve picked up patterns in a lot of them. Oftentimes, they like to play it safe. Whether that be hiding their vocals behind an overused banging beat, or using portraying a sound that is not originally their’s, you can tell when the artist doesn’t have true value or even understanding in their sound. IamBolo doesn’t have that issue. In fact, he is on the entirely separate side of that spectrum. The tone, and sheer confidence in which he displays on “Turn Me Up” leaves a lasting impression on me as a listener, and certainly has me waiting for what he has next in store.

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