Rest Acres- I Remember (Upcoming Release)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This is the piece I needed today.

I've never been the type to have trouble gaining energy or motivation, but this morning I woke up a little groggy. You know how that goes? We all have those mornings, the ones where your favorite alarm sound, or hot breakfast, just doesn't do the trick. 

When I received this piece a few hours ago, I instantly got a boost. This track is structured so well. You can't miss the beautiful vocals coming right at you in the beginning. They're memorizing and fit effortlessly within the confines of the production. 

I felt a little hint of R&B, a decent amount of pop, and a solid EDM influence. When the vocals are not in the forefront, hard-hitting bass, and drums are resonating throughout this piece, it's almost as if the piece leaves one genre of music, and jumps ship. And yes- the ship stays afloat at each jump. 

I won't get too deep into the lyrical content as this piece doesn't come out for another 2 days... but I think you'll enjoy. Turn those speakers up!

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