Rich Caviar- 81 (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Rich Caviar took a moment to record his condolences to the late great Kobe bryant. 

Rich took time from his regular career journey, like being featured on the STARZ TV show “POWER,” in order to explain a time in his life. 

This story was so tightly woven with Kobe’s legacy. It’s easy to see how important was/is to this generation. Kobe Bryant was an NBA superstar with the mentality to be the best he could be at whatever he wanted to. There was never a moment in Kobe Bryant's career where he gave up. Similar to Rich. 

Kobe was a role model for a lot of athletes and the NBA. The pursuance of something great, just like music- comes with a price. I can appreciate Rich’s choice of instrumentation for this track. 

The song is 8 minutes and 24 seconds to resemble Kobe’s two jersey numbers throughout his NBA career.  Throughout the 8:24, Rich carefully uses 81 references to the Mamba to show respect for the 81 points he scored in his career high record game, played back in January of 2006. 

Kobe dedicated his life to the sport of basketball and overall greatness.  Rich describes his hustle and how he adopted Kobe’s mindset. The ‘Mamba Mentality’ 

"The Mamba Mentality is about obsession. It is about prioritizing your professional goals over having a normal, balanced life. It is about playing without fear, mastering your craft and wanting not only to win, but to dominate.” - Kobe Bryant.

Fittingly, "81" song was released on 8/24. 

Take a listen:

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