Ricks Art- Lost Control (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

'Applying pressure' is a common colloquial for pursuing someone you find attractive. This whole song is based around applying some serious pressure. Ricks makes this track surrounding the theme of partying, lust, and the tenacity as if tomorrow will never come. ‘Lost Control’ is a proper way of saying  "I’m wildn’ tonight.” First and foremost, the instrumentation works quite well for such an intimate song. Howevere, the best part about this piece is the lyricism. 

Not sure if Ricks and I have a lot in common, but I agree with his view on the party scene. Ricks ideology goes a little like:  “We lost control, ain't no point in stopping now." That type of energy is pure. 

The song is about the moment given in time- ignorant of anything that can ruin the night. Another thing you have to admire is the pulsation of the track. I said this once before on a review about artist Blu Lyon- constant pulse tempos mean business.  No different from Ricks Art’s music, the early stages are beautiful to watch, and even more exciting to see grow. Keep an eye out for Rick, he gad Global appeal. Pressure has been applied! Lost Control out now!

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