Rina Nahri- skyline (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

For years now, my best friend and I have had this running joke where any time we see a succession of buildings we'll point and say "Look, it's the New York skyline." Listen, that story is a lot funnier if you can hear the inflection and see the facial expressions we make while doing it. But nonetheless, it's hilarious (in my humble opinion).

Though, beyond my own enjoyments of skylines, I think there is an overarching enchanting value and calmness associated with viewing a city's architectural beauty. The aforementioned is especially true when you're viewing it with people you have some level of affection for. While listening to Rina Nahri's 'skyline', it becomes easy to view this song as the soundtrack to a romantic night on top of a high rising building or balcony.

Experience this record during your next date night. 

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