RINI- Out of the Blue (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

RINI is a puzzle piece that fits well into the R&B industry today. The song under review here is called Out of the Blue by RINI. There is not a better place in time for an artist like this. Diving into this song, Out of the Blue is a piece for harmony and relaxation. RINI delivers some stunning vocals on this specific piece. As I listen, I am at ease with the duration of several held notes, the tonal quality, and the atmosphere created here. 

The song is a feel-good piece. More importantly, it’s a piece that coincides well with the production. There’s a wavy element brought from some type of keyboard that creates great chords in conjunction with RINI’s voice, while he scales the notes at “There's, no, place, I’d, rather be.” Even the backings of, Out of the Blue  have their own flavor to them that can carry a different response to the call of the instrumentation. The more I listen the better I feel in this realm that RINI created here. This is a very drowning composition and I mean that in a good way. Drowning in vibes, drowning in thoughts, and drowning in warmth. Better to experience something like this for yourself, I can only give you so much. 

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