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The jewelry initiative in the US has witnessed many big players over the years. Still, a few rare 'gems' have astounded people with the level of expertise in designing and creating art pieces in the form of custom jewelry. One name that tops this list in America is 'Jewel Box' by Rohit Poputya, "Ro The Jeweler."

Jewel Box is considered one of Springfield, Virginia's most prestigious jewelry manufacturing firms for its vast assortment of fine jewelry. They pride themselves as a leading company that has always catered extraordinarily to all their clients by furnishing their fine jewelry.  Never one to ever cut corners, their commitment to crafting personalized pieces with diligence and care makes customers fall that much more in love with their brand. 

Ro's commitment to a genuine business has seized the attention of many celebrities, prominent personalities, and athletes. Whether dealing with clients in person or digitally, Ro highlights his passion for magnifying the company's vision and catering to customers with maximum openness and transparency. For example, he states, "I got in the game because I was tired of seeing people get ripped off, especially athletes. What separates me from competitors is that I give people precisely what they ask for and don't cut corners." Some of the clientele Ro has had the privilege of collaborating with are Rappers 3oh black, Lil Dude, Goonew–including NFL athletes Tim Settle Jr, Dwayne Haskins, Cristian Dairrisaw, only to name a few.   

Ro's path wasn't clear-cut; he encountered numerous obstacles that left him hesitant when devoting to what he believed his heart was calling him to.  It wasn't until his father's health tragically declined that Ro felt the confidence to tap into pursuing his family's twenty-five-year legacy. Sure enough, at the ripe age of twenty-two, Ro found himself teaming up with former Virginia Tech starting receiver Eric Kumah, that was his ticket to the public space.  This opportunity gave Ro even more credibility to leverage his work and platform; Ro and Kumah fused a solid partnership and continued making waves as a dynamic duo.

Ro has made a name for himself and taken the industry by storm as one of VA's most sought-after connections for 'custom ice'––something his family is incredibly proud of.  His company has stood the test of time since its inception in 1995, and he has only believed in working harder each day to serve all his customers sufficiently.  

Stories like Ro's are a prime example of leaning into your calling. Too many times, we retreat when hit with a crisis. Instead, Ro took these challenges and reaped a harvest that allows his business to flourish and maintain a humility that pours into the work.

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