Rozet- Crook (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

The Retro Soul/Alternative genre may never be the same. How will you adapt? ROZET is an artist based in Miami who is well known for her intricate arrangements in R&B, Soul, and Alternative styles of music. She is more known for her debut Single Phantom City, which is on the top of her music portfolio for its sophisticated level of blending vocals. 

Crook is a track that utilizes the most memorable aspects of ROZET’s artistry to her advantage to make a track that has something for everyone.ROZET stacks her vocals with backs showing far more energy than the lead vocal, this creates a pan of ROZET, piercing her voice through heavy 808’s which you hear in the hook and resolving dissonant chords and sounds in the instrumentation of the track.

Before I hear the vocals, I pay close attention to the track’s development throughout. I notice the atmosphere between space, time, and reality. The beat has many complex rhythms layered over these upfront 808 patterns, what sticks out the most to me is this tambourine that rings every 4 or 2 beats (depending on how you count it). I think that element of the track keeps you in this paradox where the only thing that matters is ROZET.

Check it out:


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