Rockstar Johnny (Artist Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

To be said simply, Rockstar Johnny is a pioneer in this refreshing collab of eras. With almost 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Rockstar Johnny has crafted his music to be a tool that amplified his growth as each song is released. I had the opportunity to listen to Pretty girls and On my way, which I must say, give me similarities of a few artists.

Listening thoughtfully, I was not too pulled into Johnny’s lyrics. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I let the songs play out. The playlist got to On My Way, and I was enticed. Johnny taught me how to listen to his music and since I have been a fan. The lyricism has the technique to create lines that everyone recites, but interprets in a different way. Being a rockstar also comes with being so relatable. The songwriting is like Juice Wrld, coupled with the flow of a Lil skies, but the performance like a rockstar named- Johnny. I felt a passionate yet faded energy within his music. 

The sole reason I am impressed with Johnny comes from how he performs his songs. The imagery he has with his relations with women and life are put into words armed verbally like striking dance moves, in duet with acoustic strings cannot miss. 

And I mean hit after hit is the type of potential Johnny can develop with how easy it seems to come to him, lyrically. Diving into his work so far, I believe he understands the niche within his artistry. If Real Cowgirl, Past Life, or Pretty girls  don’t spark your interest in a love song, than you aren’t reading the right article. I’m trying to put you onto that rockstar love. Check out On My Way on all streaming platforms!

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