Róisin Marie- Like That (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

It wouldn’t be a shocker to state that 2020 has been quite a chaotic year. While some of us have been stressing about all the mayhem around us, others have been trying to find the good in such a frantic environment, that we’ve all been forced to get used to. As I continue my search to find and showcase up and coming artists, Róisin Marie is the newest one I feel a need to mention.

There’s so much that sets Róisin Marie apart from this wake of newer artists, but I think their music speaks enough for itself. Her newest drop, “Like That,” highlights exactly what I’m looking for. As a part time playlist curator, I can say I’ve added “Like That” to at least two of my playlists already. With a chill but “vibey” feel, everything about this song describes Róisin Marie so well. Even the angle-heavy visual speaks to her dynamic artistry. It’s music like this that makes searching and finding newer artists so much more rewarding.

If you have any interest in learning more about Róisin Marie (and trust me, you should), follow her on Instagram @roisinxmarie.

Check out Like That:

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