Roman Wròblewski- Jump (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

I’ve been sitting down here in the SwanoDown Hotel/workroom, seven stories up, looking down and  out the window. The sun isn’t visible, just clouds, but it is bright. From Poland with love is Roman a Pianist / Composer responsible for Jump.

To me, Jump is a moment in time captured from Roman. I may have been primed to think this based on seeing photos of him, but I imagined he was in Poland when he made this. Looking deep into the beautiful landscape of Poland, you can match the atmosphere Roman plays here with the pastoral highlands you can find across the country.

What is truly fascinating about Roman’s level of artistry is what he is capable of within different themes and variations The original idea is what he starts the song with, as it progresses the track has the same theme from the beginning, but one hundred times more complex. The hardest part for learning piano for me was getting my left hand to have a separate personality as my right hand. My takeaway from Jump can be summarized like thisthere aren't many places music cannot take you. Explore the enticing sounds from Roman. Jump out now on all platforms! 

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