Rook Monroe- Jolie (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Though ‘Jolie’ is Rook Monroe’s first original release, he is no stranger to the music industry. Having written Rihanna’s track, Desperado - and others from Jeremih to the Chainsmokers- he takes his talents to a higher frequency within his own music. 

 Rook is a songwriter with beauty on the brain. Although his resume extends longer than the compelling lyricism he has demonstrated over the years, Rook is making those head-knockers. When you think about pop music with rock influence, you may hear something like ‘Jolie.' 

 When I think of pop/rock, I hear The Beatles. 

The track is fun to listen to. I'm here thinking ‘Jolie’ was ‘Jolly’ because it made more sense to me. Not discrediting his singing at all,but I don't think it mattered who sang this song. Lyrics like: "But you know there's no escaping the sun” and "I want what you got.” Are very common colloquials that hold easy-listening syllables. 

From a more musical standpoint, it takes a lot of training to appreciate the phonemes that really make this tune so catchy and easy to understand. The hook goes: "And I kissed someone today, but I called her by her name, cause' I want what you got.”  This part is where Rook really gets nasty… in a good way. The words Kissed, I, and got, all land on important chords along with the hook. If you listen, you will hear they all descend in pitch as they go. These words were not an accident.. nothing really was. That was my favorite part of the song. 

Take a listen:

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