Ross Carlo- Trouble Sleeping (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

A lot of us have some problems falling asleep at night, maybe for the same reasons as Ross Carlo. In his single ‘Trouble Sleeping’ he expresses his transition into a “higher state of living.” It sounds like this insomnia stems from soul searching and growing pains. Ross is understanding that there is way more to himself and the world as we know it, “You've been living for the weekend, I’ve been having trouble sleeping in a world that hasn’t grown.” He is striving to grow spiritually rather than indulge in worldly pleasures and those who do indulge in such may be lost when it comes to their inner self.

Contrary to what you may have thought from the title ‘Trouble Sleeping,’ this song is very smooth with a touching tempo. It contains a great collaboration of instruments to create an authentic sound for his message. Ross is an artist who clearly puts his soul into his art, trying to push humankind to prioritize what really matters. The song is somewhat romantic for oneself and sure to lead to reflection. If you don’t have a ‘Prosperity’ playlist, now is the time to start and tune into ‘Trouble Sleeping’ no matter your sleep conditions.

Take a listen:

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