Roxen x Alexander Rybak- Wonderland (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

It’s a big breath of fresh air to be blessed with the position that I’ve been given. Whether it be my ability to review music or my in-depth analysis occupation of dissecting the mindset of up-and-coming artists, none of it is ever taken for granted. Each time I’m lucky enough to review a new artist, I take my time to do some research on their story. What led them to pursue music? What motivates them to chase their true passions?

Roxen and Alexander Rybak are two great examples of artists destined to reach a level of stardom based on their passions alone. Sprinkle in some incredible talent with some ear-obsessing music, and you’ll find yourself listening every single day. Recently these tremendous collaborators teamed up to work on a project titled “Wonderland.” I’ve always been a massive fan of fantasy, wonderland, and different realms in terms of art and creative expression. So, upon my first notice of this project, I knew that it was going to be something that I fell for.

After listening to Wonderland a few times, I was hooked. Wonderland captivated my attention by combining a multitude of factors that blend to create candy for your ears. Whether it be the transitional flow that the song starts off with or the passion that you can feel emulating through the track, nothing seems to compare to what this duo is capable of.

I truly believe that Roxen and Alexander Rybak are going to have a very big rest of 2021, and I can’t wait to see what else they accomplish. If you’d like to follow along in their journey, be sure to stream “Wonderland” using the link I’ve provided below.

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