Rubim de Toledo- Back Breaker (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

The closest thing to drugs that have experienced recently, was Rubim de Toldedo’s track, Back Breaker.

This canadian maestro is one to be aware of. Back Breaker, for me, was based around one bass loop in the beginning of the song. I wish there was a way I could portray the tones used in this loop. Similar to an afternoon at a 70s coffee shop. The intro is high in energy and simplistic. I think Ruben does this with intent, leaving room for complex rhythms and articulation he implements later in the song. I’m not sure if he is also the drummer on this track but reading a lot about him,  I learned he could very well be. 

The diversity in his music-portfolio gives him a unique outlook on funk. If you skip to about 2 minutes and 40 seconds in, you hear a more open and broken down section of this piece which i thought was brilliant. Each instrument contributes a dose of flavor to the piece, which really helps the listener stay engaged.

To add personality through instrumentation is a golden skill, to do it across various instruments all in one piece is beyond me. The Dig has a guaranteed hit on it. If you’re into funk, this track should be a refreshing sample of an authentic jazz jam.

Check out Back Breaker:

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