Ruby Jackson (Artist Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Soul music is about longevity and reaching and touching people on a human level - and that's never going to get lost. — Jill Scott

What is it that you’re looking for when you’re in search of new music? Better yet, what are you looking for when you’re in search of a new artist? Do you want someone who delivers cookie-cutter pop records? Someone with a hardcore background who artistically embellishes their everyday life? How about an artist who’s genuine, soulful, and musically authentic on their tracks? You’re getting the latter while listening to artist, Rudy Jackson.

Let me tell you this, I was completely blown away by Jackson’s abilities and sound. There are people who have great voices, but don’t necessarily make good music. On the other end, there are artists who write phenomenal music, but do not have the greatest of voices. Ruby is the real deal, the full package.

On her latest project titled
Sweeter For Me, Jackson delivers 5 songs of riveting writing, brilliant minimal production from Finbar Stuart, and a voice that controls your entire atmosphere. From the start, Jackson projects a thought-provoking concept on ‘You’ve Changed’. She mentions someone telling her she has changed, but then she begs the question of: “Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?” This question isn’t a modest one. Though it seems that Jackson is speaking towards a certain character on the record, if you listen with a wider ear, one could interpret her question as one for the audience. What change is she truly referring to? Her personality? Her sound? Her attire? Jackson’s voice and inquisitive song nature curates an amalgamation of mystery and subtly.

‘Guilty Pleasure’, a single by Jackson is a piece with a bit more of an increased tempo and shows us a diversity in style. The melody is bright, but Jackson still says true to self. Jackson has the bonafide talent of a star. She’s not a bundle of potential, she’s a bundle of NOW.

Take a listen and enjoy…

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