Running Lights- Not the One (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

This summer isn’t even halfway over, yet the amount of talent I’ve discovered since the beginning of the season is incredible. I’ve always been a huge advocate for the growth and development of up-and-coming artists, so when I find one that I really like, I try my best to do everything I can to bring them to your attention! I recently came across a trio by the name of Running Lights. Running Lights is a group with quite the story, and quite an impressive sound to accommodate their still rather new careers.

In a recent drop by Running Lights titled “Not the One”, I was truly able to audibly process what makes them so unique. Although Running Lights has an incredible lead vocals by Michael Squillante and a talented eye for what it takes to make impressive music, there’s a lot more that makes them who they are as an artist. In my opinion, I think a key factor in what makes Running Lights such a versatile group is their ability to please their listeners via hard driven drum patters and pop-esque melodies. “Not the One” is a prime example of a track that has the potential to please everyone.

If you’re looking for great newcomers to listen to, be sure to check out Running Lights. Also, be sure to stream “Not the One”, and see for yourself what makes that track, and Running Lights, such valuable creators in the world of music.

Check it out:

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