RUSSELL!- Scarlett's Weekend (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

When I came across RUSSELL! today, I would've lost my voice from trying to copy the talent heard in his single, Scarlett’s Weekend. 

From the initial play,  I was blown away by the strength and power in RUSSELL!'s voice. I am sure I cannot be the only one that felt like Bruno Mars was an appropriate comparison to the delivery and quality of his voice. 

What I like most about this piece is the vocal patterns RUSSELL! chooses to take. Some parts have a descending quality that is easy to appreciate, with the acoustic melody laid in the background. Another aspect is the strain on his voice. The power he puts into his delivery is what really reminds me of Bruno Mars, with some similar effects. 

The piece progresses, and at some points in climax, you feel the same hair on the back of your neck raise that would if you were to experience this live. A strong presence is what I see similar with bigger artists. What separates RUSSELL! from others is not clear to me yet. But the talent and sound is there. I am excited to hear the endless possibilities he comes up with and what he can really do with his talents, Check out Scarlett’s Weekend, out now!

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