Saint Djuni- Weird Year (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Feeling like a loner, but my mind is the greatest escape”

2020 could be summed up in one word or a thousand words honestly. No one will ever mistake 2020 for a good year, yet, somehow Saint Djuni are able to reflect and inspire optimism for happier times.

Weird Year is a perfect title for the nonsense we had to endure. There was a point in time where we couldn’t leave the house because we could “die” if we went out. Now, we are all outside and making up for the lost year that was 2020. Saint Djuni does a good job of incorporating the technological side of things that occurred throughout the year. We became more tech savvy, interacting with our friends and family through FaceTime calls or Zoom calls. The world began to use the internet more than ever, learning more skills that could be beneficial once we were all able to be outside and interact with others. The instrumentation on the track was inspirational and gave us hope for the future. Saint Djuni work great as a duo because their voices accent well together. They start to get into the zone around the 2:50 minute mark. I really enjoyed Weird Year by Saint Djuni because of the optimism for better times. 

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