Salatiel Arredondo (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Grayson Jones

It was a great morning listening to Salatiel Arredondo.There’s nothing better than some clear head space. Salatiel-  the Pianist/Composer has a unique style within his composition that is worth the listen again and again. The essentials for a great song were met in his piece, Dreaming of You. The emotion felt like I was in a movie at times. I heard the savvy nature in Salatiel. I noticed the blend of instruments, and appropriate use of each rhythm with a heart warming narrative... adding "conductor" to his titles can seem appropriate at times. 

His album, An Enchanted Journey, was as advertised. 

The passion in songs like One Love and Fall Into Season, expressed a pleasing tone. Isabel sounded more like a personal record, but can undoubtedly be applicable to many people. It seems like a self reflection piece while I intently listen.

There are elements to his style of play that are quite technically sound. The breath he takes within the pieces can feel longer than they actually are, once you’re in the rhythm & sway of the music. Even Dance With Me, witholds a floating style to it, similar to Ballroom Dance. It’s always your fault if someone’s toes get stepped on, but moving with the music will glide you through this album. Repetition of trills performed in the beginning of Dreaming of you set the atmosphere for the journey that follows. He introduces some new ideas, and connects character to some variations. 

That aforementioned variation pushes forward with intent and just when you feel a beat of stress, you bust into this still environment. Salatiel creates beauty within his composition. He plays with peaceful intent, and goes on to create stories from there.

His singe, Saudade, can be expected to come out April 10th. After this first delightful journey of music, I look forward to some more authentic Salatiel come April!

Salatiel Arredondo on YouTube:

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