Sam Adetunji, CEO of Veriheal (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello

The world is filled with many people who are looking to make an impact and leave our planet better than when they found it. However, not all can say that they will actually ever achieve this. I came across an entrepreneur named Sam Adetunji, who is the CEO of Veriheal. According to Forbes, “Veriheal is an innovative cannatech platform that connects prospective patients with licensed doctors that will approve them for their state’s medical cannabis program.” This program, which was aforementioned by Sam Adetunji, has been a growing success in recent years.

The goal of Veriheal is to educate those who reach out to them about the many uses of cannabis. That’s exactly what Sam and Veriheal do best. It’s through Sam’s guidance and leadership direction that Veriheal has seen the success that it has reached today.

Sam Adetunji is an entrepreneur with a work ethic like no other. It’s through his experience that his story is told, and trust me, there truthfully is a lot to be talked about. If you wish to learn more about Sam Adetunji and everything that he’s up to, be sure to check out his social medias, specifically Instagram, which I’ve taken a moment to link below.

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