Corey Rezner- Sang Sang Sang (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Pass me a flask with Fireball while we sit by a bonfire, making s’mores with friends and enjoying the ambience of the sweet outdoors. That’s what Sang Sang Sang gives off to me, pure nature Sounds. Corey Renzer is a talent that we might have been overlooking, but look no further. His 2015 track Sang Sang Sang, brings serenity throughout the 3 minute time mark. Based off of his voice alone, he makes camping outdoors with liquor, friends and great tunes an excellent idea.

Corey provides mellow guitar vibes and lyrics about time spent with his significant other. He elaborated on certain memories that are detailed in each line. I took the lyrics as symbolism- they were always on the same accord throughout each encounter. And as much as we love to spend time with our best friend/Lover/Significant other, those feelings can fade and drift away.

Diving deep into the lyrics, it seems melancholy depending on how you interpret them. Yet, it’s an upbeat tone, as he encourages us to Sang Sang Sang, All Day Long. It will get us through the good times and the bad times. We should never let it consume our everyday lives.

Sang Sang Sang is a one of a kind song, worthy of our attention. 

Listen to Sang Sang Sang:

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