Sangarang- No Room For Us (Track Review)

Written by Laura Jackson

I’m usually biased against songs with one dancer but i didn't mind in “No Room For Us” by Sangarang. The upbeat beat and high notes are satisfying to the ears.  Coming from Dallas, he explodes on the scene with his unique voice and sound. 

In “No Room For Us” Sangarang talks about someone not being the one for them. Which is common among human beings to have someone and they not be the one for them. It’s like the artist is breaking up with this person during this song, but the beat is so energetic it makes it sound like they’re letting them down gently. And that’s good for both parties, isn’t it?

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Already, my favorite line is “God like gaze, you're so beautiful,” reminding them that they are uniquely beautiful, but there’s no room for them. Haven’t we all felt that way before? Anyway, “Promises keep slippin” is another line that keeps sticking in my head. As if they suggest that nothin is being kept between them. Using their personal experience, Sangarang blew my mind with this song, connecting with them through the lyrics. 

So now that you’re done reading, go listen to “No Room For Us” and add it to your playlist.

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