Sangjak- Work Tape (2020 Remastered) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones

The hardest part of an instrumental, to me, is finding sounds that say what you mean without using native language. Here is Sangjak from Korea. He's well known for the assembly of his instrumentals and his unique style of composition. Interesting thing about Work Tape (2020 Remastered)- it actually influences labor. 

Like any other body of work, this piece has its moments where it's hard to follow, and some moments where it pumps you up to the core. As simple as some VCR rewind feedback giving the cue, this instrumental gives workout vibes from the start.

Opening up with a big bass loop and some organ swag sprinkled in, you get yourself a dope piece with a Summer-Grind feeling. Out of nowhere, some radio static takes you to a more consistent upbeat tempo and puts you on a ride that doesn’t last long. The aforementioned leaves you wanting to hear more. Great music? Great marketing? Both. Surely you must hear the complexity and cunning creativity taken place on this piece. Imagine listening to it. 

The meaning behind ‘Sangjak’ is to “create everything he thinks of.” Setting the bar higher here was, well... Sangjak.

Work Tape, out now!

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