Sans Soucis- Air (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

You won’t need a mask to breathe in this electric air created by Sans Soucis! “Air” is a single by Sans that is full of texture, starting with the pulsating energy as the song begins, all the way down to each harmony. Her meaning behind ‘Air’ is to bring everyone back down to earth, we are all we have. In a time where we have the most resources more damage is being done than good. The world as we know it is changing every day, and strangely, people are becoming a lot more disconnected. She plays on the fact that air is something we all need. So why hurt when we could heal each other and our environment?

“Air” has a pleasant eeriness that pairs incredibly well with her vocal harmonies. Listening to this song closely, you can hear how vital it was to her. Even the immediate change in atmosphere adds to the importance of the song. She wants us to know destruction and doubt will never solve our problems, only togetherness.

As we know, there is so much going on around us and Sans is the example of a new world survivor! No matter the circumstances, she stresses the need to still believe in yourself. Reach out to support those around you and show them that we are in this together. Did you make that ‘prosperity’ playlist yet? Go ahead and add this galactic gift ‘Air’ by Sans Soucis! 

Take a listen:


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