Savannah Sgro- I Hate the Holidays (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

For many, the holidays can be a great time with loved ones that you don’t normally get to see all year. They're a joyous occasion and everyone is catching up on their daily lives. For others, it can be one big nightmare due to the dynamics of family relationships. Savannah Sgro’s holiday single, I Hate the Holidays, is a very blunt emotional roller coaster ride that some may be all too familiar with. We get the perspective of the kids side that has been negatively impacted by a divided family. These stories are usually masked around the holiday time because it isn’t the image or type of music that should be showcased. Savannah breaks that barrier with her holiday single and it’s an intricate listen, especially for the audience who goes through similar meetings.

She sings about traveling to different homes and always having to choose sides or where to spend Christmas. It can get very exasperating for children, especially as they are growing up. Nothing will ever be the same and even another kid's joy will bring more pain. I don’t know if this was intended, but she definitely gave a voice to those who are in similar positions. This is a piece that can help and heal during the holidays. 

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