Seiichi ft. Hailey Finesse- In the Meantime (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

What feels like a good morning was really 10pm tonight when I got a chance to hear, The Meantime, from Seiichi. As I explore the piece in its entirety. I hear melodies that are unique and well performed. As if I am at peace with my wife, the song feels like a pleasant forever, as the song progresses, the pulse and beat comes out of nowhere. The pleasant sounds, vocally, continue. I cannot imagine this Seiichi on a song any different from this, and I feel that’s where the excitement is coming from. 

Not knowing the full potential of this alternative based artist, entices me. One thing to look out for with Seiichi is his delivery, especially here is his resolution throughout the flow. There are some words it feels like he barely says- but he really delivers them so softly it resonates nicely in the . Seiichii’s talents go farther than just vocals, he is a guitarist and skillful at it too. The sacrifice he put into, The Meantime, sounds as if he danced alongside the guitar melody the whole song. There is talent here for sure. More music from Seiichi is needed to forgive what he can’t do. In the meantime, check him out! 

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