Selene 727: A Sheer Display of Confidence (SwanoDown Repot)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

If there’s ever one thing I appreciate in an artist, it’s confidence. Sheer, unapologetic, confidence. This is even more essential if you’re in the game of HipHop. Let’s be honest, you could be the most self esteemed person reading this piece, but there’s been someone in your life who you’ve looked to for motivation or influence. 

Artist, Selene 727 gives a healthy display of boastfulness on her cut, “Female Montana”. There’s a reason we’ve seen athletes over the past few decades wear headphones or earbuds before games. The right record record can put you and your inner warrior in the space it needs to be. At times, we need an artist to live through vicariously- and show us that yeah, we’re as bad as we need to be. While listening to Female Montana, one of the first things that may stand out to the listener is its production. There aren’t any incredibly intricate melodies or instruments. Instead, its overall sculpting is a bit minimalistic. Any artist who steps on a track as such has a certain level of boldness, and lack of fear. There’s no real place for Selene to “hide”, and she takes complete charge of the track. Periodically throughout the track, there are some hard hitting drums that complement the mc. The rawness of Selene's vocals are authentic, and evidently stem from a place of real life experiences.

"I want to invoke the 'fight for what you believe in, believe in your own authenticity [mentality]. Follow your dreams and never give up. Keep fighting," Said Selene.

Female Montana’s music video also gives the audience some insight on her artistry and personality. You see Selene with various people, ranging from children to adults. There’s dancing, runway worthy strides from Selene, and semi-breakdancing from some of the scene-goers. It’s a great way to get a look into the style of and aura of Selene 727.

For a more in-depth look into Selene, she will be interviewed on New York's, New York Show 89.3fm this upcoming Saturday (4/2/22).

Check out Female Montana: 

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